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Our History

“The Nocturnes” musical journey has taken them from the roots of the early 60’s southland surf music scene to their current energy charged concerts and shows throughout Southern California.

“The Nocturnes” members began their musical careers in the early sixties, as did many others aspiring musicians of the time, charged by the driving electrical guitar sounds of Southern California legends such as Dick Dale, The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean.

Original Nocturne members Paul Floodman, Kurt Steinbeck and Bruce McCoy formed a group in 1962 and began playing at schools and shows around Orange County. With Paul on bass, Kurt on electric guitar and Bruce on drums, their 6 piece band was soon on demand playing at many of the major dance palaces of the day including the “Rendezvous Ballroom”, and the “Revelaire Club”.

The band’s passion for rehearsal several times a week and their ability to play different styles of music, including the use of tight vocal harmonies, landed them a regular performance spot at Disneyland.

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Meanwhile in another part of Anaheim and on another stage at Disneyland, current lead guitar of “The Nocturnes”,
Rick Bastrup was performing with his surf band, “ The Avengers VI”.  This group also played at many of the 60’s hotspots such as “Harmony Park” in Anaheim. The “Avengers VI” recorded their classic surf album “Real Cool Hits” at the same time “The Nocturnes” had a local hit with their song “Third Star from the left”.
Within 5 years the surf and beach music scene was replaced by the English invasion and the legendary “Avengers VI” and “Nocturnes” disbanded. All of the group’s members went on the other bands or careers.

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But the journey was not over yet!

In 1999, the International Surf Museum in Huntington Beach hosted a reunion show of all the major surf bands of the 60’s at the “Hard Rock Café”. Both the “Avengers VI” and “Nocturnes” were invited to participate.

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As “The Nocturnes” were in need of a lead guitar, they enlisted
Rick Bastrup to join up.  Taking the stage with many of their 60’s idols, “The Nocturnes enthusiasm and power charged show was so well received that they decided to continue performing together.  With the addition of sax and keyboard player, Richard Ferrin  (Rick Bastrup’s business partner), “The Nocturnes” were complete.

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Their current shows include tight 4-part harmony to duplicate the sounds of the “Beach Boys” and other early 60’s groups along with the infusion to the classic instrumental hits from those days. They have recorded a CD, “Back to the Beach”, which includes many of their original vocal and instrumental hits along with some of their most requested arrangements of classic beach music.  All of the group still own and play their original “Fender” electric guitars from the 60’s providing a time capsule for those interested in musical history.
“The Nocturnes” background and current occupation mirror their varied personalities…

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Rick Bastrup -
lead guitar, trumpet and vocalist, also plays drums and keyboards with the group. After the “Avengers VI”, he formed “The Californians”, which also performed at Disneyland for years and recorded for “Capitol” records. He currently owns a company with the group’s sax player, Richard Ferrin, called R&R Creative Amusement Designs which designs theme parks and attractions all over the world. If you have ever visited the “Soak City” waterparks in Southern California, the “Hawaiian Falls” Parks in Texas or the “MGM’ Theme Park” in las Vegas, you have seen their work. (See R&R Creative Amusement Designs)

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Paul Floodman
- Bass player and vocalist had a varied career playing large dance-show formats with his own band throughout the Southwest in the 70’s. He also worked with legendary guitar makers Leo Fender and Doc Kaufman at “Fender Musical Instruments during this time and was instrumental in the research and development of many ”Fender” products still in use today.

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Bruce McCoy -
drummer, guitar player and vocalist, writes many of the group’s original songs. During the 80’s, he also continued performing and owned dance clubs with his friend Kurt. Bruce moved into the production and advertising field and for the last several years has been the Technical Producer of Broadcast Productions for The Disney Destinations in Disneyland, Anaheim where he currently writes and produces many of the TV and audio commercials heard for the park today.

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Richard Ferrin started off in the school band, orchestra, and eventually the marching band thru collage. Later he began playing at Disneyland in the many live stage venues thru out the park and even being recorded for may Disney show tracts for parades, rides and shows.  As a Disneyland entertainer and musician, he performed not only live shows and voice over work throughout the park, he is most noted for the “most parades performed” as King Lion of the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade. Also a show director and producer including productions for Disneyland. Richard is not only a musician, but has over 40 years experience as a Theme park Designer and specialist in Special Effects design including robotic animatronics, mechanical effects, thematic design, music & sound effect development and environment creation. Co-owner and Theme park Designer of R&R Creative Amusement Designs, Inc. (business partners with Lead Guitar player Rick Bastrup). And if that wasn’t enough, Richard also holds the position of Specialist Designer, aka: the Mad Scientist at JMP Creative. Here all his talents come together to solve problems in the entertainment industry, thru creative design development, artist, music and sound effect development, mock-up / prototype design / development / creation, invent new equipment, special effects including designs for toys, shows and promotions. While noted for his playing in swing and jazz bands, he brings that big horn sound to the rockin’ surf music of the Nocturnes for over 23 years.

“The Nocturnes” provided the musical show at the Huntington Beach Surf Museum for the opening of their new “Beach Boys” exhibit.  Attending that day were Dick Dale and Dean Torrance who took the stage with the group to belt out a version of “Surf City”. thereby completing the circle of a musical journey started decades ago.
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Over the years the Nocturnes have performed many shows at the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach. One of frequent visitors to the shows was legendary surf guitar star Dick Dale. Dick became close friends with members of the band and appreciated the Dick Dale surf songs we played as part of our show.

He passed away in 2019 but left us with many great memories…

Thanks for the music Dick!

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Rick Bastrup sums up the feelings of the group -

“We all love the music of that era and as we play it and look out across the audience, we can see people from their 60’s down to small children singing along with these classic songs.  The music of that time projects a feeling of joy and innocence which seems to be missing in a lot of entertainment today”.

 “The Nocturnes” feel privileged to help to continue the legacy of that Classic California Sound.

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The Nocturnes Today

Bruce McCoy - Original Nocturnes member on Drums and Vocals
Paul Floodman - Original Nocturnes member on Bass, Acoustical Guitar and Vocals
Rick Bastrup - Original member of Avengers VI , Joined the Nocturnes in 1999 on Guitar, keyboards, trumpet and vocals
Richard Ferrin - Richard has been with the Nocturnes since 2000 on Saxophones and Keyboards

The Nocturnes are available for:
Dances, Shows, Corporate Events, Theme Parks, Nightclub Appearances,
Fairs, Car Shows and City Shows.